Sparta High School

Total Square Footage: 59,500 square feet
Cost: $7,350,000

The High School for Sparta R-III School District is a new facility setting on a 31 acre site by Highway 14. This new facility includes a state-of-the-art media center with attached computer lab, integrated business department, science classrooms and lab. It also includes band and vocal classrooms that are directly connected to the English and drama facilities with a stage to allow for more interaction within the fine arts department. It houses a full sized kitchen and cafeteria, a 16,000 square foot gymnasium with 463 chair backed seats and a total seating capacity of 1,420 with four full sized locker rooms. The administration office is located at the main entrance for convenience and security, as well as, having full visual access to the commons/cafeteria. The site is arranged to take full advantage of access to Highway 14 and allow for 375 parking spaces with future expansions for a baseball/softball complex and a track and field/football complex. This high school was completed in November of 2011.

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